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Slug Bait: Early Reviews

This is a book that, if read by the authorities, could quite possibly get Leins sectioned. Think of some of the most gruesome scenes you’ve ever seen on film and TV; Leins says, “Hold my beer.”

David Nemeth @ Unlawful Acts on SLUG BAIT

My new novelette SLUG BAIT picked up a couple of neat reviews this week. David Nemeth, who has previously checked out SKULL MEAT and MEAT BUBBLES & OTHER STORIES over at Unlawful Acts plunged back into the Paignton Noir cesspool, and said of SLUG BAIT: “The action moves along at a blistering pace and his fight scenes are brief and savage. His descriptions are like Chandler without worrying about decency and decorum.”

US crime writer Christopher Davis also checked out SLUG BAIT, writing: “Slug Bait was a kick, quite literally. Maybe a kick in the balls is a better way to phrase that?” He goes on to name-check Sam Spade, which means I’ve notched up Hammett and Chandler comparisons in the same week!

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About Tom Leins

Tom Leins is a disgraced ex-film critic from Paignton, UK. He is the author of the Paignton Noir novelettes SKULL MEAT, SNUFF RACKET, SLUG BAIT and SPINE FARM and the short story collections MEAT BUBBLES & OTHER STORIES (Close To The Bone, June 2018) and REPETITION KILLS YOU (All Due Respect, September 2018). Going forward, BONEYARD DOGS: A PAIGNTON NOIR MYSTERY will be published by Close To The Bone in July 2019, and THE GOOD BOOK, a collection of wrestling noir will be published by All Due Respect in December 2019.

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