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New Interview @ Messy Business

“This is blunt force storytelling: brief, sawn-off lines weaved into dense ominous chapters; repeated motifs and phrases; stream of consciousness period details; an unflinching eye for queasy observations; and a seamless blend of real-life events and fictional content. Taken together, it’s an intoxicating blend.”

This month I have had a lot of fun discussing David Peace’s tremendous Red Riding Quartet with Jason Beech, as part of his ‘Stuff I Wish I’d Written’ series. If you have read the books you will already know how impressive they are. If you haven’t read them, check out the interview and find out why I like them so much!

Earlier this month, Dave Burnham at The Haunted Pen checked out Slug Bait, and likened it to the illegitimate love child of Sam Spade and The Purge’, which is a great description!

And, last but not least, you can read my story Molotov Cocktail Lounge over at Paul D. Brazill’s new website, Punk Noir Magazine. This flash fiction piece is a taster for my book Meat Bubbles & Other Stories.

About Tom Leins

Tom Leins is the author of the Paignton Noir mysteries SKULL MEAT, SNUFF RACKET, SPINE FARM, SIN CLINIC, SLUG BAIT and BONEYARD DOGS and the short story collections MEAT BUBBLES & OTHER STORIES (Close To The Bone), REPETITION KILLS YOU (All Due Respect), TEN PINTS OF BLOOD (Close To The Bone) and THE GOOD BOOK: FAIRY TALES FOR HARD MEN (All Due Respect).

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