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Boneyard Dogs Review @ Break The Code

“This is a world where pessimism and cynicism fall short, a violent backwater of the imagination where primal fear and terror haunt the broken realities of some forgotten realm.”

S.C. Hickman on Boneyard Dogs 

Boneyard Dogs is out next month, and some early reviews are starting to pop up online. Thanks to S.C. Hickman at Break The Code for this fantastic write-up, which name-checks a number of my literary heroes, including Andrew Vachss, Jim Thompson and Charles Willeford.

Boneyard Dogs is out on 26 July, and available for pre-order on Amazon now.

Earlier this month, Beau Johnson, author of A Better Kind of Hate and The Big Machine Eats (both Down & Out Books), went toe-to-toe with Meat Bubbles & Other Stories, and lived to tell the tale. He wrote of the book: ‘Tom Leins is not only cutting to the bone in each and every story involving [Joe Rey], but exposing the muscle and nerve endings that lay beneath with such deftness that I know I’ll be coming back for more.’

About Tom Leins

Tom Leins is the author of the Paignton Noir mysteries SKULL MEAT, SNUFF RACKET, SPINE FARM, SIN CLINIC, SLUG BAIT, SLOP SHOP and BONEYARD DOGS and the short story collections MEAT BUBBLES & OTHER STORIES (Close To The Bone), REPETITION KILLS YOU (All Due Respect), TEN PINTS OF BLOOD (Close To The Bone) and THE GOOD BOOK: FAIRY TALES FOR HARD MEN (All Due Respect).

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