About Tom Leins

Tom Leins is a disgraced ex-film critic from Paignton, UK. Since 2003 his short stories have been widely published in magazines, anthologies and online.

The Paignton Noir mysteries Skull Meat, Snuff Racket, Spine Farm, Sin Clinic, Slug Bait and Boneyard Dogs are all available via Amazon.

The short story collection, Meat Bubbles & Other Stories, was released by Close To The Bone in June 2018 and Repetition Kills You was published by All Due Respect (an imprint of Down & Out Books) in September 2018.

In addition, Dirty Bullion – a collaboration with Benedict J. Jones, author of the Charlie Bars series – was published in August 2019.

Most recently, The Good Book: Fairy Tales For Hard Men, a collection of wrestling noir, was published by All Due Respect in January 2020.

Watch this space for information regarding future projects…

Suggested Paignton Noir reading order:

  1. Skull Meat
  2. Meat Bubbles & Other Stories (includes Snuff Racket)
  3. Spine Farm
  4. Boneyard Dogs
  5. Sin Clinic
  6. Repetition Kills You
  7. Slug Bait
  8. Dirty Bullion (co-written with Benedict J. Jones)

Buy my work here (UK) or here (US).

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