Slug Bait: A Paignton Noir Mystery


Traumatised and brutalised after a grisly encounter with a serial killer known as The Cartographer, SLUG BAIT finds cut-price private investigator Joe Rey licking his wounds at a decrepit caravan park on the cliff path high above Paignton. Violence has a way of finding Rey, however, and an altercation involving local amusement arcade tycoon Raymond Coody sees him dragged back into town – where his name is now on all of the wrong people’s lips. Rey’s reckless disregard for his own safety quickly wins Coody’s trust, but his new associate harbours some dark secrets, and things are about to get very bloody…

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Reviews of Slug Bait:

David Nemeth @ Unlawful Acts:

“This is a book that, if read by the authorities, could quite possibly get Leins sectioned. Think of some of the most gruesome scenes you’ve ever seen on film and TV; Leins says, “Hold my beer.” Here’s the other thing, Leins can write. The action moves along at a blistering pace and his fight scenes are brief and savage. His descriptions are like Chandler without worrying about decency and decorum.”

Paul D. Brazill, author of Last Year’s Man (All Due Respect):

“Vivid, lurid, lewd, crude.”

Benedict J. Jones, author of Pennies For Charon and The Devil’s Brew (Crime Wave Press):

“When reading the Rey stories you really feel you have descended into some Dante-esque vision of hell, albeit one on the English Riviera… In this one the dialogue zings and the violence hums … a must for all fans of Brit Grit, dirty noir and pure unadulterated filthy, humorous, violent crime fiction.”

Chris Rhatigan, publisher of All Due Respect:

“More intense violence, sex and swearing from the master of Paignton Noir. A down and dirty entry in the Joe Rey series.”

Todd Morr, author of If You’re Not One Percent (Fahrenheit Press):

“Quick and brutal crime fiction like a punch to the gut or a baseball bat to the face … if violent, dark, action-packed crime fiction is your thing this one delivers.”

Martin Stanley, author of the Stanton Brothers series:

“Private detective Joe Rey (who, it’s fair to say, does little in the way of detection) gets involved in a fair amount of trouble on the grimy streets of Paignton. Brutal and amusing stuff. Leins’s Paignton is grim and unrelenting, but that makes it a character in its own right.”

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