Dry Salvage @ Near To The Knuckle

“Spaulding was in his eighties, and looked far too vulnerable to put a proper beating on, but I had agreed to give Marie Andretti at least five of his teeth in order to get my full fee. They came loose effortlessly, and the old bastard bled like a stuck pig regardless.”

Last month my 10th story went live at top UK crime fiction site Near To The Knuckle. Check out Dry Salvage!

If you have read my novelette Skull Meat, this story is a sequel of sort, and sees the (un)-welcome return of demented ex-cop Wet-Look, who also appears in Wet-Work, a previous Near To The Knuckle story.




Evil Heat @ Pulp Metal Magazine

Did you know that a human bite is actually worse than a dog bite?”

In January I made my first appearance on the excellent Pulp Metal Magazine site, with Evil Heat, a violent new dose of Paignton Noir.

Check it out!


The Repulsion Box @ Crime Factory

“It is nine o’clock, and the Burning Wheel is emptier than a plundered grave. The warm summer air filters through the propped-open fire exit. It carries with it the tang of raw sewage.”

I am delighted to confirm that my new story The Repulsion Box is included in Issue #19 of the excellent Australian crime fiction journal Crime Factory.

This one is a nasty little slice of Paignton Noir, and I’m happy that it has found a home in such a great publication.

The Kindle version is dirt-cheap, so please check it out!


Ventilator Blues @ Shotgun Honey

“I wake up with a boot across my throat and a gun barrel wedged in my eye socket.”

I was very excited to have my fourth story  up on Shotgun Honey earlier this month: Ventilator Blues. Shotgun Honey has long been essential reading for crime fiction fans, and it is always a thrill to be featured on the site.

As regular readers have probably realised, none of my ‘Paignton Noir’ stories exists in a vacuum – they all slot into place like pieces of a warped jigsaw puzzle. This one is no exception.

There are a few nods to recent stories in Ventilator Blues, but if you are interested to find out how Wojtek Sr ended up in an iron lung, you have to head back to April 2015 for Someday My Blues Will Cover This Town… check it out!





Nude With Boots @ Fried Chicken and Coffee

“Slattery’s Meat Market is situated in an ugly, unremarkable part of town. It used to be a factory social club, back in another lifetime, but now it hosts live pussy shows and the occasional cockfight. When I arrived, Slattery was scrubbing blood-streaked vomit off the front steps.”

I have a new short story now online at Fried Chicken and Coffee, the literary site edited by Rusty Barnes (author of the forthcoming 280 Steps title Ridgerunner).

It is called Nude With Boots, and you can find it here.


Massive Bereavement @ Spelk Fiction

“His face is more dented than the needle bin in Parkside toilets. He used to be a big man, but now he seems deflated: a faded heap of blood and tissue.”

I was extremely pleased to have a second story published by top-notch UK flash site Spelk Fiction this week.

Brace yourself for a Massive Bereavement... and remember to pay your respects.

Massive Bereavement


Paignton Can Keep My Bones – Winner of the Wordhorse 2014 Flash Fiction competition



“It has been an atypically harsh winter, and Paignton looks withered and faded in the daylight. I step out of the Cavendish and reconcile myself to Winner Street’s sour, dead smells. Sometimes I swear that this town has a weird stink that even I’m not used to yet. The street is slick with icy drizzle. It is so cold I think that my toenails might crack.”

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am pleased to reveal that my story Paignton Can Keep My Bones has been selected as the winner of the 2014 Wordhorse Flash Fiction competition.

I have won a signed copy of The New Confessions by William Boyd, along with a £20 Amazon voucher for my troubles. I will keep them in my Lidl carrier bag along with the rest of my trophies.

Update: Unfortunately it appears that the Wordhorse website has been taken down. Hopefully the story will resurface at a later date!