Molotov Cocktail Lounge @ Yellow Mama

“I slowly unwrap the grease-proof paper. Inside is a human hand. It is half rotted, with flaked yellow skin clinging to the bone.”

Earlier this month I had a new piece of flash fiction featured at Yellow Mama – a first for me.

Anyone fancy paying a visit to the Molotov Cocktail Lounge?

Molotov Cocktail Lounge Tom Leins

Jailbait @ Near To The Knuckle

“I twist the screwdriver out of his neck, and it makes a sound like a sloppy kiss. To his credit, he doesn’t even flinch.”

UK webzine-turned-publisher Near To The Knuckle has been serving up essential reading for fans of short crime fiction for quite a while now, and it is always a thrill to have a new story published by Darren and Craig.

My latest short, Jailbait, went live at the weekend – I hope you enjoy it!

Jailbait Tom Leins Near to the Knuckle

Ventilator Blues @ Shotgun Honey

“I wake up with a boot across my throat and a gun barrel wedged in my eye socket.”

I was very excited to have my fourth story  up on Shotgun Honey earlier this month: Ventilator Blues. Shotgun Honey has long been essential reading for crime fiction fans, and it is always a thrill to be featured on the site.

As regular readers have probably realised, none of my ‘Paignton Noir’ stories exists in a vacuum – they all slot into place like pieces of a warped jigsaw puzzle. This one is no exception.

There are a few nods to recent stories in Ventilator Blues, but if you are interested to find out how Wojtek Sr ended up in an iron lung, you have to head back to April 2015 for Someday My Blues Will Cover This Town… check it out!





Machine Gun Etiquette @ People Holding

Last month saw a brand new piece of flash fiction go online at People Holding, entitled Machine Gun Etiquette.

All of the stories on the site are written to a photographic prompt, which proved to be very challenging – but hugely satisfying.

As an added bonus, here is an audio version of the story, read by me!

People Holding is a great concept, very well executed, so stick around and investigate further.

Machine Gun Etiquette - Tom Leins