The Sunset Flip @ Story and Grit

“I first met Peter ‘Chicken Lips’ Delgado back in 1982 when I was wrestling down in Boca Raton. He was a 150lb weakling – out of his depth – and he got tossed around the ring like a rag doll. He barely lasted ten fights before his career flat-lined. I was the one who put him out of commission, with a Sunset Flip at a house show. Flipped him so hard I damn near broke his back. I was young and ruthless back then – more ruthless than I needed to be – and flattened him in front of less than a hundred people, just for the sheer fucking hell of it.”

Last month my latest wrestling noir story The Sunset Flip was published by Story and Grit, the new southern fiction site edited by Mark Westmoreland. Mark is a passionate wrestling fan, and a great short story writer, so his site was the perfect home for this simmering story of legacy and revenge. Check it out!


The Glory Hole @ Horror Sleaze Trash

“There were hundreds of bogs in the Old Testament badlands, but the best one was known as the Glory Hole. None of us knew what a glory hole was back then, except maybe Curtis Corliss, and if he did, he never let on. Damn kid was a pervert even then. He knew more about sex at the age of eight than I do at fuckin’ 38.”

I’m excited to have some brand new wrestling noir now online at the excellent Horror Sleaze Trash today. Check out The Glory Hole!

… and if you like that, why not check out my previous HST story, Fairytales For Hard Men.

Big thanks to editor Ben John Smith for running the story!

The Last Dog and Pony Show @ The All New A Twist of Noir

“They say you always remember your first fight. Your first fight and your first fuck. I sure-as-shit remember mine. I was at the carnival, watching the kootch show, when Alvin Lupus broke his right wrist and four fingers on his right hand trying to shatter my jaw. I didn’t blame him – he had just found out that I had fingered his older sister up against the Crippled Civilians’ clothing donation box the previous Saturday night.”

Way back in 2010 my first wrestling noir story, Other’s People’s Pussy, was featured in the 600-700 word challenge, as hosted by cult crime site A Twist of Noir. Seven years on, the original editor, Christopher Grant, launched The All-New A Twist of Noir, and I was delighted to have my story The Last Dog and Pony Show on his new site.

More wrestling stories coming soon, but in the meantime, check it out!

Meat Whiplash @ Twisted Sister

“When Eddie Chainsaw smiles, his face looks warped – like the reflection in a fun-house mirror. It makes me glad he doesn’t smile very often.”

Last month, my brutal new wrestling noir story Meat Whiplash appeared at a great new fiction site called Twisted Sister. Check it out!




Truckload of Trouble @ Fried Chicken and Coffee

“I hear the rattle of the tow-truck’s rusted chain before I see it roll down the rutted track and into view. The last time I saw the Mulligan brothers they hung a guy known as Blood Bubble from a hook by the roof of his mouth then beat him with crowbars until his pale skin burst.”

My latest wrestling noir story, Truckload of Trouble, was published by Rusty Barnes at his excellent Fried Chicken & Coffee site last month.

If you dig it, the same site hosted my story Nude With Boots earlier in the year, so check that out as well!


The Cold Vein @ Spelk Fiction

“I point my shrivelled dick at the dogweed and it sputters like a badly inserted drip. I tuck it back inside my leotard and carry on down the dirt track towards Burrachaga’s clapboard shack.”

Earlier this month, I had a new story over at reliably entertaining UK flash site Spelk. Thanks to Gary Duncan for running seven of my stories over the last 18 months!

The Cold Vein is the latest story in my new wrestling noir series. If you like it, make sure you check out The Big Blow Off (also published by Spelk) as well.

The Cold Vein Tom Leins

Fairytales For Hard Men @ Horror Sleaze Trash

“Ordell knew he wanted to be a hooker the first time he saw Mama zip up her thigh-high boots, lean against the sink and scrub her rancid fanny with a wet-wipe.”

The latest story in my ongoing wrestling noir series, Fairytales For Hard Men, went live at Horror Sleaze Trash last month.

Plenty more wrestling stories on the way, so watch this space…

Fairytales For Hard Men Tom Leins (2)


Hellbelly @ Flash Fiction Offensive

“In Testament, most boys my age lost their virginity in a nameless cinderblock cat-house run by an old lady named Luanne. It was halfway down the dirt track that bisected Old Testament and New Testament like an ugly scar.”

Last month I was delighted to have a brand new wrestling noir story – Hellbelly – online at the Flash Fiction Offensive. Thanks to editors Tom Pitts and Hector Duarte Jr for running the story!

Look out for my new story, Gusher, at the FFO later in the year.

Hellbelly 2 Tom Leins (1)


The Big Blow Off @ Spelk Fiction

“Drayton is dragging his snapped ankle behind him like a bad memory. I lean against a skeletal-looking tree and wait for him to catch up. His mangled arm is supported by his half-zipped anorak. Poor bastard.”

The Big Blow Off was the second story in my new wrestling noir series to go live. Thanks to Gary Duncan at Spelk Fiction for having me back on the site… again!

big blow off Tom Leins



The Curtain Jerker @ Five 2 One Magazine

“The hooker has the unfortunate bowlegged stance of an undercard fighter limping between pay-days.”

My new story The Curtain Jerker was published by Five 2 One Magazine at the end of last month. This one is the first installment in a 20-story wrestling noir series that I am aiming to get published over the course of the next twelve months.  Watch this space!

The Curtain Jerker - Tom Leins