Switchblade Issue 1 Out Now

“Loomis laughs to himself and spits in the gutter, before hobbling towards the child prostitute on his busted knees. He tells people that he lost a kneecap during a riot at Pelican Bay, but I know the truth.  He actually blew his knee trying to fuck a pre-op hooker in the shower of an Oxnard trick-pad.”

My degenerate noir story The Stooge is included in Issue #1 of the brand new US crime publication Switchblade, edited by Scotch Rutherford.

You can buy it here (UK) or here (US).


Devil In Sports Casual @ Sein Und Werden

“Flies buzz contentedly around the creamy yellow fat oozing out of the wound in Serge Gabriel’s stomach. He is 48, but looks closer to 65. He is a thick, squat man with big hands, and they shake as he nervously re-lights his cigarette and raises it to his lips – lips that are cracked and outlined with white scum. He is unlikely to make it through the afternoon, let alone the night. Ray could have phoned for an ambulance three hours ago, but would prefer to allow the grisly scenario to play out in its own time.”

I have a new story – part of the All Is Swell In The Grinding Light narrative – on Sein Und Werden, included in the ‘Not Quite Human’ issue. It is called Devil In Sports Casual.