Evil Heat @ Pulp Metal Magazine

Did you know that a human bite is actually worse than a dog bite?”

In January I made my first appearance on the excellent Pulp Metal Magazine site, with Evil Heat, a violent new dose of Paignton Noir.

Check it out!



Queasy @ Horror Sleaze Trash

“It was the day of my Uncle Alvin’s funeral when they came for me. I always knew they would.”

Earlier this month I made my second appearance at the excellent Horror Sleaze Trash. The story was called Queasy, which tells you everything you need to know.

If you enjoy Queasy, make sure you check out my previous Horror Sleaze Trash story, Actress On A Mattress.

Queasy Tom Leins

Pigwalk @ FlashFlood Journal

“Eugene Caputo was supposedly buried in the family plot, but not next to his father – somewhere among the second and third cousins.”

My brand new story Pigwalk was featured in the FlashFlood Journal today to celebrate National Flash Fiction Day. With a new story popping up on the site every ten minutes, there is a wealth of great flash fiction to dip into.