Evil Heat @ Pulp Metal Magazine

Did you know that a human bite is actually worse than a dog bite?”

In January I made my first appearance on the excellent Pulp Metal Magazine site, with Evil Heat, a violent new dose of Paignton Noir.

Check it out!



The Carny @ Liars League Hong Kong


Late last year my story The Carny was selected by the Hong Kong offshoot of cult literary event Liars League for their ‘Rich & Poor’ event. The video has now emerged online, and you can find it here. The actor, Aaron Kahn, adds a great new dimension to the story, and I think his Americana-fuelled take on my Paignton Noir yarn is fantastic. Check it out!

Rat Farm @ England’s Future History

This week saw the launch of England’s Future History, an ongoing project that lets writers explore their visions of the future. As soon as a story is published it becomes part of the canon, and enters the official timeline.

My story, Rat Farm, is set in 2031. England is slightly out of joint, and rats are now farmed as a source of protein – leading to a number of rabies outbreaks in Paignton.


[Artwork courtesy of England’s Future History.]

It is shaping up to be a fascinating project, and the next deadline is in June – in case you fancy getting involved. (Personally, I would love to see someone seize one of the other themes that I have introduced in my story and run with it!)

Idle Hands @ Near To The Knuckle

“David Battucci’s face is grey like cigarette ash. He has bloodshot eyes and squashed, lipless features. I haven’t seen him since the gangrene took his left leg, and the amputation has aged him badly. His cheap-looking prosthetic sits on the banquette next to him, like some kind of obscure threat.”

Idle Hands is the 6th story that I have had published by UK crime site Near To The Knuckle this year. Always a pleasure to be featured on the site – long may it continue!

Idle Hands - Tom Leins

Used For Glue @ Near To The Knuckle

“The first thing I hear when I regain consciousness is the sloshing of rancid juices. It sounds like death.”

Following in the footsteps of Christmas Eve Can Kill You and Wet Work, this month saw my third story of the year go online at Brit-grit stronghold Near To The Knuckle.

Fuck with the wrong people in Paignton, and you may end up getting Used For Glue


If you enjoy Used For Glue, there is even a sequel available: The Organ Donor.

The Organ Donor @ Revolution John

“The first time I met Adrian Strange he was carrying a meat-axe. It was never my intention to hospitalise his step-brother – things just got out of hand…”

Like a literary phoenix from the social media flames, US literary site Revolution John has recently re-emerged, and I am happy that my story The Organ Donor is part of the new site.



What Another Man Spills @ Spelk Fiction

“Remy’s secretary is arrestingly pretty. She has long auburn hair. She is wearing a white blouse and a tan skirt. I once heard a rumour that she let him burn off her pubic hair with a cigarette lighter.”

500 words – an in-and-out job – quick and dirty… check out What Another Man Spills at Spelk Fiction.

What Another Man Spills Tom Leins