Skull Meat – Out Now!

My Paignton Noir novelette SKULL MEAT is available for Kindle now, via Amazon. This story is intended as a teaser for my forthcoming collection MEAT BUBBLES (& OTHER STORIES), which should be out later this summer.

Here’s the pitch:

Hired by mobster Marie Andretti to ransack the office of morbidly obese local nightclub owner ‘Swollen’ Roland Smart, Paignton private investigator Joe Rey quickly finds himself plunged into a dangerous cat and mouse game – which leaves him fighting for his life. His quest for answers – and vengeance – sees him plunge headfirst into the queasy underbelly of the grubby little seaside town he calls home. Rey is a man with a dark past, and, it seems, very little future. Welcome to Paignton Noir.

Amazon UK link

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SKULL MEAT grew out of a few old, unfinished pieces I found lurking on my hard-drive. The prologue, ‘Paignton Rust’, was previously published as part of the Akashic Books’ ‘Mondays Are Murder’ series a few years ago, while other excerpts were featured by A Twist of Noir and Straight From The Fridge. It is too long to publish as a short story, and too short to be a novella, so an e-book seemed like a good idea.

If anyone reading this would like a free copy (mobi or PDF) in exchange for a review, drop me a line through the contact form.


The Repulsion Box @ Crime Factory

“It is nine o’clock, and the Burning Wheel is emptier than a plundered grave. The warm summer air filters through the propped-open fire exit. It carries with it the tang of raw sewage.”

I am delighted to confirm that my new story The Repulsion Box is included in Issue #19 of the excellent Australian crime fiction journal Crime Factory.

This one is a nasty little slice of Paignton Noir, and I’m happy that it has found a home in such a great publication.

The Kindle version is dirt-cheap, so please check it out!


This Is Hardcore @ Pulp Fiction

I recently had a new short story included in Pulp Fiction, a quirky little anthology themed around the songs of Britpop band Pulp.

My story, ‘This Is Hardcore’, is a violent noir story about suburban pornographers. It was good fun to write, and even includes a retired porn star whose back catalogue is made up of films named after obscure Pulp album-tracks.

You can buy it here.

Pulp Fiction cover

Zero Sum @ Spelk Fiction

“Caruso’s dead face was cracked like an old piece of linoleum. One of his eyes was half-shut, the other was totally destroyed.”

This month saw my 5th short story – Zero Sum – go live over at top UK flash site Spelk Fiction. It is always a real pleasure to be featured by Spelk – one of the most eclectic sites on the web!

Zero Sum Tom Leins

There Is A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends @ Shotgun Honey

“Old age had blurred Sol Horror into a walking ghost. He had made a living out of swallowing up this town’s demons. Until, that was, Rudy Russo handcuffed him to the slaughterhouse railings and thrashed him to within an inch of his life. He was an elderly man, and Rudy could have killed him with his bare hands, but he chose to use a tyre-iron instead.”

Don’t call it a comeback… I have a brand new short story online at the awesome Shotgun Honey. It is called There Is A Place In Hell For Me And My Friends.