Evil Heat @ Pulp Metal Magazine

Did you know that a human bite is actually worse than a dog bite?”

In January I made my first appearance on the excellent Pulp Metal Magazine site, with Evil Heat, a violent new dose of Paignton Noir.

Check it out!



Zero Sum @ Spelk Fiction

“Caruso’s dead face was cracked like an old piece of linoleum. One of his eyes was half-shut, the other was totally destroyed.”

This month saw my 5th short story – Zero Sum – go live over at top UK flash site Spelk Fiction. It is always a real pleasure to be featured by Spelk – one of the most eclectic sites on the web!

Zero Sum Tom Leins

Rat Farm @ England’s Future History

This week saw the launch of England’s Future History, an ongoing project that lets writers explore their visions of the future. As soon as a story is published it becomes part of the canon, and enters the official timeline.

My story, Rat Farm, is set in 2031. England is slightly out of joint, and rats are now farmed as a source of protein – leading to a number of rabies outbreaks in Paignton.


[Artwork courtesy of England’s Future History.]

It is shaping up to be a fascinating project, and the next deadline is in June – in case you fancy getting involved. (Personally, I would love to see someone seize one of the other themes that I have introduced in my story and run with it!)

Nude With Boots @ Fried Chicken and Coffee

“Slattery’s Meat Market is situated in an ugly, unremarkable part of town. It used to be a factory social club, back in another lifetime, but now it hosts live pussy shows and the occasional cockfight. When I arrived, Slattery was scrubbing blood-streaked vomit off the front steps.”

I have a new short story now online at Fried Chicken and Coffee, the literary site edited by Rusty Barnes (author of the forthcoming 280 Steps title Ridgerunner).

It is called Nude With Boots, and you can find it here.


Idle Hands @ Near To The Knuckle

“David Battucci’s face is grey like cigarette ash. He has bloodshot eyes and squashed, lipless features. I haven’t seen him since the gangrene took his left leg, and the amputation has aged him badly. His cheap-looking prosthetic sits on the banquette next to him, like some kind of obscure threat.”

Idle Hands is the 6th story that I have had published by UK crime site Near To The Knuckle this year. Always a pleasure to be featured on the site – long may it continue!

Idle Hands - Tom Leins