Paignton Noir Book #3: Boneyard Dogs


Publisher: Close To The Bone

Release Date: 26 July 2019

“If I can’t find her within seven days, she’s probably dead.”

If you are desperate enough to hire Paignton private investigator Joe Rey, things have already gone from bad to worse – and a happy ending is highly unlikely.

Hired to track down the missing teenage daughter of a demented local lounge singer, Rey’s investigation spirals bloodily out of control, and he finds himself surrounded by the ruined corpses of dead people traffickers. The police are determined to pin the murders on the hapless PI, but as his search unfolds it becomes apparent that the culprit may actually be a man he knows all too well…

BONEYARD DOGS is the blistering sequel to the cult classic MEAT BUBBLES & OTHER STORIES.

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Praise for Boneyard Dogs:

“Think Sin City under a fine layer of sludge and you’ll be on the right track.”

Reviewed by HorrorBuzz here.

“This is a world where pessimism and cynicism fall short, a violent backwater of the imagination where primal fear and terror haunt the broken realities of some forgotten realm.”

Reviewed by S.C. Hickman at Break The Code

“Boneyard Dogs is never going to be a cozy mystery to be made into a Hallmark movie. The story keeps the punches coming to the very end. And the ending will leave you shaking your head!”

Reviewed by Dave Burnham at The Haunted Pen here.