Dirty Bullion: A Charlie Bars and Joe Rey Thriller


Publisher: Dirty Books

Release Date: August 2019


A missing jeweller. A vanished girl. A stash of long-lost Nazi gold. And two very dangerous men. Things are going to get dirty.

In DIRTY BULLION Paignton private eye Joe Rey crosses paths with South London ex-con-turned-investigator Charlie ‘Bars’ Constantinou, as the two P.I.s look into very different cases.

Neither man plays well with others, but they are forced to push aside their mutual suspicions to work together on an increasingly disturbing case – an assignment which sees the duo outnumbered, outgunned and out of their depth.

DIRTY BULLION was co-written with Benedict J. Jones, the author of the Charlie Bars thrillers, which include PENNIES FOR CHARON, THE DEVIL’S BREW and THE GINGERBREAD HOUSES, all of which were published by Crime Wave Press.