The Good Book

The Good Book is an interlinked short story collection set against the backdrop of a chaotic southern wrestling promotion called the Testament Wrestling Alliance.

Unhinged wrestling promoter Frank ‘Fingerfuck’ Flanagan rules his territory with an iron fist, but his personal road to hell is paved with dead wrestlers.

The stories take place between the mid-1970s and the early-1990s, and will hopefully emerge online over the course of the next twelve months, fitting together like a blood-soaked jigsaw puzzle…

Story links will be added below as soon as they are published.

The Good Book Tom Leins provisional

  1. Chicks Dig Scars
  2. The Curtain-Jerker
  3. Hellbelly
  4. Fairytales For Hard Men
  5. The Big Blow Off
  6. The Cold Vein
  7. Truckload of Trouble
  8. Other People’s Pussy
  9. Meat Whiplash
  10. Gusher
  11. Bloater
  12. The Last Dog & Pony Show
  13. The Sunset Flip
  14. Beauty & Ruin
  15. The Glory Hole
  16. The Rattlesnake Daddy
  17. Black Sheets of Rain
  18. The Signature Move
  19. Guatemala Kill-Pit
  20. The Stooge