Interview @ Roughneck Dispatch

“The story which kicked it all off was one called, appropriately enough, ‘Paignton Noir,’ which was published by a Canadian literary magazine called Front & Centre back in 2007. That pretty much set the template for suburban intrigue, bloody violence and off-kilter investigations. Although, now I put my mind to it, I actually published a story called ‘Sleepyhead’ back in about 2004, which was a weird arthouse revenge story that took place on Winner Street, and took in local video shops and chain pubs, so I’ve been peddling this shtick for a while!”

This week, California crime writer Matt Phillips – author of Redbone, Bad Luck City, Three Kinds of Fool and Accidental Outlaws – gave me the Q&A treatment over at his Roughneck Dispatch blog.

We discussed the murky origins of Paignton Noir, the crime fiction protagonists that have influenced Joe Rey and my three main rules for writing. Check it out here.


Interview @ Messy Business

“Some of my favourite antagonists are the ones in J.G. Ballard novels – charismatic psychopaths who are fully committed to their lunatic visions. Men such as Dr. Robert Vaughn (Crash), Anthony Royal (High-Rise) and Bobby Crawford (Cocaine Nights). His everyman narrators are always drawn into the queasy orbits of these fascinating nut-jobs, and that is something I’m attempting with a couple of works-in-progress right now. Deranged antagonists are fascinating to write, but I do think that you need a stable footing before going off at the deep-end.”

Another day, another feature!

Many thanks to Jason Beech – author of the forthcoming City of Forts – for giving me the Q&A treatment over at his Messy Business blog. He has even cooked up a cracking Paignton Noir-esque introduction to make me feel right at home. Check it out!

More Bizarro Than Bizarro – Out Now!

“It’s not even Halloween yet, but the stripper at the Dirty Lemon is already wearing a Santa hat. I drop a fake pound coin in her pint glass and she smiles through broken teeth. Out-of-season seaside towns – other people’s last resorts. I pick my way through the crowd – day-time drinkers crouched perilously on the edges of their barstools, like swollen suburban gargoyles – and head to the toilet.”

Out this week from Bizarro Pulp Press: ‘More Bizarro Than Bizarro’ edited by Vincenzo Bilof.

This collection includes my story, Here Comes That Weird Chill, which plays out like a grindhouse version of Scooby Doo. Set in the Westcountry!

Here is an interview on the Bizarro Pulp Press site in which I discuss my story.

Amazon UK link.

Amazon US link.

Interview @ Bad Citizen Corporation

“I sometimes wonder: could a private investigator really flourish in a town like Paignton? Well, they bulldozed Paignton police station to make way for a property development that never happened, and now they have to send out-of-town cops down in people carriers to raid local crack-houses. So, yeah!”

Last week it was a real pleasure to be interviewed by California crime writer S. W. Lauden over at his Bad Citizen Corporation website.

Steve is a great guy, and I look forward to checking out Hang Time, the third book in his Greg Salem series, next year.

You can read the interview here.

(Image created by S.W. Lauden.)

Interview @ Col’s Criminal Library

Earlier this month tireless UK book blogger Colman Keane invited me to take part in a Q&A at his excellent Col’s Criminal Library blog. Among other things, we discussed my new novelette Skull Meat, 10 years of Paignton Noir and my haphazard creative process. Thanks to Col for putting me through my paces!

And, in case you missed it, here is a link to Col’s top-notch review of Skull Meat.

Short, Sharp Interview by Paul D. Brazill

Earlier this month – to celebrate the release of my new novelette Skull Meat – I did an interview with Brit Grit kingpin Paul D. Brazill, in which I discuss the key British influences on my fiction: J.G. Ballard, Iain Sinclair, Derek Raymond and David Peace. You can check out the Q&A here.

Paul also made Skull Meat a ‘Recommended Read’ on his website, saying: ‘Skull Meat is Brit Grit at its grittiest. Ulra-violent, foul-mouthed, atmospheric, hilarious and choc-full of great lines.  I loved it!’ Check out his fantastic review here.

Big thanks to PDB!